If you want to make magic happen in your French primary classroom, I can help!

Hi! I'm Mme andrea, and I help french primary teachers teach.

looking to make your teaching easier and more effective?

Teaching a second language is hard, but you’re not alone – I’ve got your back! My name is Andrea, and I give French primary teachers the tools they need to make magic happen in their classrooms via quality resources and step-by-step suggestions that WORK! 

I’ve been teaching Kindergarten and/or first grade in a francophone school in rural Nova Scotia for the past 10 years. And don’t be fooled – even though I’m technically at a francophone school, I am in a minority community, and French is a second language for the majority of my students (immersion teachers, I get you!).

I offer tools, resources and step-by-step suggestions that work for you, your students, and your classroom. With over 15 000 ratings on Teachers Pay Teachers, countless teachers can attest that my French teaching resources help make their lives easier! 


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