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- access to video vaults
- weekly video overviews
- weekly check-in emails
- 3x zoom/facebook lives
- weekly prep lists and checklists
- access to private facebook group
- prizes and giveaways!

Check out what past TeachAlong™ students have had to say


I just completed the Repeated Read Alouds TeachAlong™ with Mme Andrea and it was exactly what I needed! It can be so overwhelming to implement new ideas and programs when you don't know where to start and what to do when. The TeachAlong™ style made implementing Repeated Read Alouds a BREEZE! The videos, text summaries and resources were so well put together and clear, making it easy for me to "teach along"! I was able to fit this new program easily into my daily routine and had access to an amazing group to ask any questions I may have had along the way. With the TeachAlong™, I was able to follow along with a group of like-minded teachers and knew exactly what to prep and what to teach when. The videos were short and concise and the resources were easy to follow and use. I love the TeachAlong™ style over a regular course as it makes me feel accountable and connected with the other teachers and with Mme Andrea! The part I loved the most was that you were always prepping one week in advance and then teaching the material the following week. This made it so much more manageable with everything else going on during the school year. I highly recommend doing a TeachAlong™ with Mme Andrea to any and ALL French primary teachers! You are going to LOVE this so much!
Chelsea B.
As an experienced teacher BUT new to Kindergarten finding Mme Andrea this year was my “golden ticket”. Working the past months with her new TeachAlong™ was a great addition to my classroom routines. Through the easy to follow content/videos and resource set up each week was stress free planning. My students enjoyed the various activities!! I enjoyed the discussions the class had around each book and found it easy to extend the activities for my higher level learners. This program worked well for the second half of the SK year and I could see it be a great tool to start the school year with Grade One and Two students.
Ashley B.
I really enjoyed the format of the TeachAlong™. Having the information 'dripped' to us in little chunks week by week made it much less overwhelming. I didn't feel like I had to print and prep a ton of materials all at once. Rather I always felt very accomplished and ready for the week, because I was able to digest the information, lessons, materials, and videos in smaller parts and then get 'that' part ready, not having to worry about 'all the rest'. The weekly check in email to make sure I was on track and the ability to ask questions and have them answered during the live stream (or in the Club FB page) were so appreciated. Merci for a great course!
Joanna A.
The TeachAlong™ program has really given me confidence on how to use reading strategies with my students. My students enjoyed the selection of books and after a while became familiar with the different strategies (predicting, making connections etc). Having the resources ready to go in a handy booklet was a huge time saver, and the weekly check-ins and videos with Mme Andrea were so helpful for answering any questions I had. I will definitely be using this resource for years to come, and I know my students will be better readers because of it. Thanks Mme Andrea!
Vicky B.
I love the TeachAlong™ format! Only having one week at a time meant I didn't get overwhelmed or feel like I was behind. The length of the videos were perfect. They gave enough information but were short enough that I could watch them both while having my morning tea. Having the text summaries really helped me organize my teaching plans and allowed me to look back at anytime and from anywhere. This program has completely changed my read aloud block and my students are loving it!
Julie M.
I just finished Mme Andrea's TeachAlong™! How awesome. Everything that she does is amazing, but this was extra special as she was teaching in real time with us. It was so doable, not too much prep each week but still awesome content. She is always so accessible to answer questions. Six weeks was a perfect bite off chunk of time, and of course, because things come up, I didn't finish so I still have material prepped for future weeks!
Colleen L.