What are Étoiles?

Étoiles are credits used to purchase our French primary teaching resources and other online materials, sometimes exclusive to members of our Enseignons ensemble membership, in our shop. In order to purchase our resources, you must first purchase a package of étoiles. When you purchase larger bundles of étoiles, you get a discount. An added bonus? All checkout pages on our website are in Canadian dollars!

By the way… Our Enseignons ensemble members receive complimentary credits to redeem on anything they want in the shop! ;) Be sure to sign up for our emails so you’re notified when it’s open for enrollment!


In order for your étoiles to be automatically deposited in your account balance upon purchase, you need to register for a user account and make sure you’re logged in BEFORE purchasing a package below.

If you are not registered and logged in, then our system cannot automate the process of awarding your étoiles immediately after purchase, and you’ll need to contact us to request to have them awarded manually. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about this; it’s simply how the system we have installed on the website is built. Thank you for your understanding!

Étoiles are used to purchase resources from our shop.

Purchase Étoiles

$25 for 50 Étoiles

50 Étoiles
Redeem Étoiles for resources in our shop

$45 for 100 Étoiles

100 Étoiles
Redeem Étoiles for resources in our shop
Save 10%

$200 for 500 Étoiles

500 Étoiles
Redeem Étoiles for resources in our shop
Save $50