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Looking for a way to help your French primary students learn and master their sons composés? Check out this Apprendre les sons composés resource! This resource will easily allow you to teach your students 9 different sounds, at their own pace.


Easily and effectively teach your French primary students 9 different “sons composés” with these French phonics resources!

In this resource, I have organized 90 words into 9 lists. Each list focuses on one particular sound, and each list is a certain colour.

The lists all have flash cards with 11 different sentences. These sentences are full of words from the list. They allow students to practice fluency and learning the sounds in context.

You can print the flash cards on coloured card stock, hole punch them and put them on a binder ring to send home or use in class for practice. There is also a set of flash cards with each sound in isolation.

The lists build on each other, and the sentence cards may use words and/or sounds from the preceding lists as well. Students LOVE moving their way through and mastering each list!

French Phonics Resources Included:

  • 9 different lists that focus on one son composé each
  • Practice cards for each list (11 different sentences per sound using words from the list to practice fluency and learning the sounds in context)
  • Flash cards showing each sound in isolation (9 total cards)
  • Evaluation sheets for gathering progress data
  • Certificates for when a student masters a colour list
  • A progress sheet (both in colour and in black and white), where each student can colour the jellybeans one at a time as they master each list
  • A game to review each sound that can be played in small groups and/or as a literacy centre
  • Fluency passages for each sound

*Students working on their sounds in this pack should already be able to read all of the sight words in my Apprendre les mots fréquents resource. Students should also be able to decode words with simple sounds.

Sounds studied in this pack: on, ou, au/eau, ch, in, an/en, oi, eu/oeu, ai

Note: The purpose of this pack is to have students memorize each sound (NOT words that contain the sound). We want our students to know how to apply their knowledge of each son composé to help them decode new words containing the sounds. Therefore, there are NOT flash cards with words in isolation in this pack — just one flash card for each sound in isolation + practice cards with sentences containing each target sound.

What are other teachers saying about these French Phonics Resources? 

⭐ “This resource is great. It keeps students motivated to learn the sound blends and to keep working on learning more. The word lists, individual word cards, and passages are all so useful for meeting the needs of various learners at the same time.” — Amy B.

⭐ “Everything you need to help students in either small groups or independently is in this resource. Builds on the previous unit for les sons simples so students are familiar with the format. Thank you!” — Rachel S.

⭐ “This resource is perfect for my more advanced K’s. I plan on using this list for Grade 1. I love how this resource compliments Apprendre les mots frequents. The parents really appreciate this resource and it enables them to see concretely what their child is learning. It makes it very clear how students in K-1 are building their literacy skills (vocab, sight words, and sons composer, and decoding). ” — Tristan S.

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*This download entitles the purchaser to use it in ONE classroom only. Thank you so much for respecting my time and effort!*

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