Jeu Je t’ai eu! Pâques (FRENCH Easter-Themed Literacy Game)


Je t’ai eu! is a fun, engaging literacy game en français that will help your French primary students practice just about any skill you like! Students will roll a die, place their cubes, and try to bump each other off, all while practicing Easter-themed vocabulary, letter names, sight words, son composés, and more!


Je t’ai eu! is a fun, engaging literacy game en français that will help your French primary students practice just about any skill you like!

How to play:

  1. To play, students need approx. 20 cubes, a partner, a game board, corresponding instruction page, and a die.
  2. One at a time, they will roll the die and find the number on the sheet. They will choose one of the words/pictures to read/say next to the number they rolled.
  3. If they can read/say it, they can put one of their cubes on the corresponding image on the game board.
  4. If their partner already has a cube on that image, they can say “Je t’ai eu!” and bump it off.
  5. Once an image has two cubes stacked on it, it is “locked” and no one can bump the cubes off. If a student rolls that number, they miss their turn.
  6. If a student rolls a 6, “the Easter Bunny arrives”, and they miss a turn.

This resource includes game boards to practice…

  • Vocabulary (Easter-themed)
  • Letter names/sounds
  • Sight words
  • Les « sons composés » (ou, on, oi)
  • Editable game boards so that you can have your students practice anything or any words you like!
  • A French “I can” card with student directions

This game is SUPER low-prep – no cutting required!

Each game is just two pages to print and laminate. You can print all the games, or just choose which games target the skills you specifically want your students to practice – the choice is yours!

(This set includes a game board with 10 sight words and another with 5 other sight words, but with the editable game boards, you can easily add the exact sight words that you wish to target with your students.)

Please note that this product is contained in a Zip file that includes both a pdf document (the game) and a PowerPoint file (the editable pages). In order to edit the game, you must have PowerPoint or Keynote on your computer. Please ensure that your computer can open zipped files prior to purchasing!

*This download entitles the purchaser to use it in ONE classroom only. Thank you so much for respecting my time and effort!*




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