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Members receive 60 étoiles per month to spend on anything in the store! If you choose to go with the annual membership, then you’ll get 720 all at once to spend throughout the year. And the best part? Étoiles never expire.

Monthly Resource Packs

Each month, you’ll be given a resource pack that has a standard 20$ minimum value. This bundle of resources is exclusive to members. You’ll also have the opportunity to redeem étoiles on resource packs from previous months you may have missed, starting with the August 2021 resource pack.

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Members receive their first TeachAlong FREE as part of their membership, plus a 20% discount on all future TeachAlongs™ you choose to join in on. Once you participate in a particular TeachAlong™ once, you’ll also get complimentary access to any updated versions that TeachAlong for as long as you’re a member!

Purchasing an annual membership is discounted so that you’ll get two months free.

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The Club du Primaire membership exceeded my expectations. As an FI teacher in Ontario, I want to ensure the resources I use are of good quality and meet the needs of my learners. Since we spend tons of our own money on resources, it is amazing to have access to SO many for only a small fee. The monthly resource packs help make planning so much easier, and my students loved them! I also loved the masterclasses that were offered because I was able to complete them on my own time. I definitely recommend all of my French teacher friends to join!
Stefania S.
I have always enjoyed using Mme Andrea’s resources in my classroom as they are easy to use, engaging, and my students love them! This program is providing me with resources I have had on my wish list, but more importantly, it is providing an opportunity to collaborate with other teachers! This membership has already provided me with so many resources and ideas I’m excited to use in the fall, while also holding me accountable by offering incentives for completing projects and tasks.​
Vanessa M.
I am officially in my second full year of teaching French Immersion K/1. I consider Mme. Andrea to be my greatest go-to resource as I navigate the curriculum. Prior to finding her amazing resources, I felt behind the 8-ball with respect to developing my focus. Her courses are relevant and easy to follow, and she seems to know exactly what we need. They gave me focus in an otherwise chaotic COVID year. In addition, my literacy program has skyrocketed this year due to her course content (La rentrée, Writing, Sons composés...) I love looking through the monthly resources and find them extremely relevant. I am also really appreciative of the new mathematics materials she has started to incorporate in the monthly resources. I have gladly signed on for another year of Mme. Andrea and look forward to her new offerings.
Jayme C.
I remember in September, I felt so prepared and had a concrete plan for that first week. Your tips helped me feel confident and reassured. Also, this membership felt like I had colleagues cheering me on and that I wasn't alone in my domain.
Krystle P.
My favourite resource so far is the alphabet poems. I have gotten all four strands on a daily basis, increased mastery of sight words, and kept student interest with the files that surround these poems. The monthly resource packs and support with questions have been amazing for adding depth to my activities. The masterclasses with Mariah, Yvette, and Tia are my favourites. There is so much to this group that has made my last two years amazing! I have added activities to the class that I wasn't expecting to do just because they added mastery to the skills I was teaching via distance studies. Thank you!
Shelly W.
My students know what to expect, I'm seeing faster growth, and I'm less stressed and spending less time planning. So so so helpful. I liked the opportunity to ask questions and clarify. Thank you so much. It has honestly been the best [professional development] I have ever gotten.
Glenna C.