TeachAlong™ Library

Welcome to the TeachAlong™ Library! I’m so glad you’re here!

If you’re not familiar with my courses, then you may be wondering what a TeachAlong™ is. Allow me to explain!

What is a TeachAlong™?

TeachAlongs™ are my online courses designed for French primary teachers. The content inside of them is tailored to specific teaching topics and outcomes for French primary grades, and they all include things like video vaults, resource vaults, course workbooks, and more!

What makes them a “teach along,” though? When I run them live, I’m teaching them in my own classroom at the same time…hence TeachAlong™!

When you purchase a TeachAlong™ from the library here, though, you’re purchasing it to work through on your own, self-paced. If you know I’m running it live inside of my membership at the time, and you’re a member, then you can join the live run, but as of now, only members get to join the live runs. This is why it’s otherwise self-paced!

Why should I invest in a TeachAlong™?

I put a great deal of time, effort, and care into building my courses, from mapping out the outcomes that will be covered and the resources included, to creating new resources, to filming videos explaining how and why I teach the content the way I do…to guiding other French primary teachers through the courses!

You can be confident that a fellow French primary teacher, who is still teaching full-time in a grade 1 classroom, designed these courses and their resources. You get the best of what I’ve trialled-and-errored over the years!

What are the topics?

Each TeachAlong™ is solely focused on a single topic. This helps us to really dig deep into the outcomes and guide our students toward mastery. Here are the topics:

  • Teaching the alphabet
  • Writer’s Workshop
  • Math Workshop
  • Teaching vowels
  • Teaching sounds and blending
  • Guided reading
  • Repeated read alouds
  • Setting up literacy centres

What is the cost?

The prices of the TeachAlongs vary. Factors include how many resources are included in the exclusive resource bundles and how much other content (course workbooks, videos, etc.) are included.

Teachers who are not members of our membership can purchase them in CAD with credit card or PayPal.

Members of our membership can purchase them from password-protected product listings in our shop, with their membership credits at member-exclusive discounts (anywhere from 20% to 40% off). See the membership portal to find the password to view these special product listings!