Welcome to our resource catalogues! We know that hundreds of resources have been released over the past few years, between our membership, online courses, and TeachAlongs. We also know that because of that, it can be tricky to remember what was released and where it can be found to download again. 🧐

Over the years, we’ve gotten requests for some kind of database documenting everything. Our team just needed to create some time to make that happen.

And that’s why we’re so excited to share our resource catalogues now!

There is one for the membership and one for all of the online courses and TeachAlongs. If you are not a member of the membership, then you can ignore that catalogue.

We know that some teachers have purchased more than one course or TeachAlong, though, despite not being members, so you may be in a similar position of having trouble keeping track of what can be found in the different portals.

Additionally, while there is some crossover between the two catalogues, many resources released in courses and TeachAlongs have never been released to the membership.

Click below to be taken to either (or both!) of the resource catalogues. Both of them have “user guides” explaining how you can filter the catalogues to find what you’re looking for!

Membership Resources Catalogue

TeachAlong™ Resources Catalogue