Five for Friday – Dec 11

Hi guys!

Happy Friday :) I actually had a great Friday today. The beginning of this week was tricky, with me returning from Cuba and everyone readjusting to a return to routine. Also, December is always crazy! #amirite?! But our Elf on the Shelf left us a little reminder note, and today and yesterday’s behaviours were much improved! Plus, Friday is popcorn day and I can wear jeans…

Since it’s Friday, I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my favourite Five for Friday!

Five for Friday is a linky party where teachers can post about five random things from their week.

We got back from Cuba on Sunday, and I still am missing the sunshine! Usually I don’t like a change in routine (may or may not be why I thrive in Kindergarten, ha!), but this vacation was so much fun. One of my childhood friends got married on the beach, and it was just gorgeous. Although, I must say… I was weirded out by all of the tourists on the beach who crept up on the wedding (like, closer to the bride and groom than the audience was) and took pictures, cried, etc… weird!! Here are a few shots from the week.

At the wedding

Landing in Toronto before a 12 hour layover!

We also went snorkelling – it was amazing! Except I got super seasick while swimming, which I didn’t know was even possible… leave it to me!

Since we’ve been back, Ben finished up his first two sets of clip art! I know I am biased, but… I LOVE them. I think they will be really great for upper elementary/high school as well, which I know there is a huge need for. I wish he could share some of his talent with me!

I love the Santa with the sack!

He also has a set of free speech/thought bubbles – I have been using the thought bubble a LOT. You can click here to go download them for free!

Lucie Lutin, our Classroom Elf on the Shelf, had a little tea party today. The kids thought it was hilarious!

Are you on Instagram? I post lots of little classroom life snippets over there (like Elf on the Shelf pictures!). You can follow me – @matavecmmeandrea (or click here)!

We have been loving our Christmas predictable sentences! They are having a lot of fun being silly with « Le/la _______ est avec le/la ______. » Here, he had built « Le Pôle nord est avec le biscuit » and thought it was just the funniest thing. He started cleaning up before I managed to grab a snap of the whole sentence, though! #toowelltrained

After a week in Cuba and a 12 hour layover in Toronto, the first thing I wanted to do when I got home was buy and decorate our Christmas tree. So… I did! Ben still thinks I am crazy. I may not be unpacked yet, but my tree is up, my shopping is done, and 80% of my presents are wrapped ;) I am nothing if not a productive procrastinator!!!

I just love that picture of Miss Ellie looking at her reflection!!

Don’t forget to head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching to see what your other favourite teacher-bloggers are up to. And have a great weekend!!

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