CELEBRATE – TPT site-wide sale for Teacher Appreciation week!

Have you heard the news??

TPT is having a huge sale today & tomorrow! You can save up to 28% off in most stores (including mine!) These sales happen only 4 times a year, and I can’t lie…I totally build up my wish list in anticipation for weeks before they happen haha. Then I wake up super early as if it’s Christmas morning and check out ASAP. #tptaddict
Here are *some* of the great deals I snagged this morning!

Math Writing Strips and Fine Motor Mats from Tara West.
Tara West is an English seller, but I can still use both of these products in my classroom with no translation necessary #hallelujah Next year I am adding two Fine Motor centres into my centre rotation, so those mats will be perfect. The math writing strips I will add to one of our math early finisher buckets with a white board and marker. You can click on the images above to see them on TPT.

French Write the Room from Penny’s Primary Printables.
You guys! These Write the Rooms are the BEST. I won’t buy Write the Room’s from any other seller anymore. I actually bought 3 different ones this sale (and I still have 4 more on my wish list for the next sale hahaha). Don’t be silly like me – you should probably just buy her bundle right away! There aren’t just word cards and paper – they are full of other activities, too. And my kiddos LOVE them!!

ALL OF THE CLIP ART/DIGITAL PAPER from Krista Wallden and Sonya DeHart Design
I am a HUGE Creative Clips addict. I can’t help it. I was a good girl this morning and only bought the School Transportation set (which I had been trying to tell myself for weeks that I don’t need), but I feel like I will be going back for more very soon…
Sonya DeHart has almost everything in her store on sale for 79 CENTS, so you better believe I snatched up a whole bunch of new digital paper and frames. Isn’t that Fairy Dust paper so pretty???

What are you grabbing during the sale?? It’s a perfect time for Bundles – they will never be cheaper! I am working really hard at finishing the growing bundles I have on the go, so *hint hint*, mine will definitely never be cheaper, because each time I finish a set, the prices go up.

*I also just started a NEW growing bundle for a new game my students love – Je t’ai eu! It only has 7 sets in it right now, but I have more ready to go in it over the weekend, so…you know…if it’s something you know you’ll be wanting, now is the best time to snatch it up! It is SUPER low prep – just 2 pages per game to print and laminate, plus the I Can card if you want. Just add snap cubes and a die and you are good to go! Each set has 14 different game boards that practice seasonal vocabulary, letter names/sounds, sight words, sons composés, AND two editable boards so you can have them practice any sounds or sight words you like. As with all of my centre games, there is also an I Can card to help foster student independence.

Here are some pictures of my products that are available in a bundle. Just click on the picture to see them in my store!

Daily math journals – 1e année
Daily math journals – maternelle
Apprendre les lettres ET les sons
Phrases fantastiques
Lecture de vitesse
Je t’ai eu!
Collection Mur de mots

PS – don’t forget to enter the promo code CELEBRATE at check out!!! I almost forgot this morning haha (hadn’t had my coffee yet!).

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