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I am popping in today to share something exciting with you!

If you are currently a newsletter subscriber, you may have already gotten and/or will be getting an email about this, so if this is old news for you, bear with me for today. We will return to our regular scheduled programming next week ;)

So a couple of weeks ago, just before spring break, I ended up having one of those mornings. You know the ones. I overslept, wasn’t ready on time, my dog REFUSED to pee, and it had surprise-snowed the night before and I didn’t realize I needed to scrape my car until it was already past time to go. I’m also 21 weeks pregnant right now, and while I used to always have all my photocopies done and nicely laid out and ready to go the night before each day… that is just not my reality right now.


So not only was I not ready for the day, neither was my classroom!

Routine is a huge part of our day, however, so even when I am not 100% prepped for the day, it is still totally possible for me to run with our regular routine and not skip a beat (or at least, not much of a beat). But I did know that I wanted to use a couple of worksheets during centres that are featured as freebies on my blog.


I am SO sorry. 

I got to school and started frantically scrolling through my two years’ worth of blog post, looking for those darn worksheets.

All this time I have been sharing freebies with you, I thought just sharing them was enough.

Umm, totally is not.

I had no idea, but it is not actually that helpful to sporadically post freebies here and there without having any sort of organizational system to keep track of them for you. Because, yes, you *may* remember which freebies I have posted when you are ready to do a lesson using them, and you *may* have stored them on a usb drive in a special folder for just that occasion… but you may also be like me.

A big-time Type B teacher, for whom life is mega getting in the way right now.

(Which is fine, by the way! Life does that sometimes. Give yourself grace.)

So, since I love all of you guys and appreciate beyond words that you spend your own time reading things that I have to say, I have come up with a little solution. And since I value my most loyal readers ever so much, I have made it a little bit exclusive ;)

You may have noticed already, but I have just put into place a FREE French Resource Library, right here on my blog!

And every single freebie I have ever (and will ever!) created is inside of it. Separated into nice, organized categories. Freebies from here on my blog, freebies from my TPT store, and even the most special of all of the freebies that I have created, which are shared only with my newsletter subscribers.

Because, guess what?

Being a newsletter subscriber automatically gets you in! 

Yup, if you are a newsletter subscriber, an email is on is way through the interwebs RIGHT NOW (or very shortly), containing all of the info that you need to get into my super-special, super-exciting FREE French Resource Library. Just make sure that is on your safe senders list, sit back, and hold tight until that magical email with the super-secret password hits your inbox.


And if you aren’t a subscriber yet? No problem! It’s super easy to get on my list. Just CLICK HERE, enter your name and email and click the pink button.

As soon as you sign up, an email will be on its way! Easy!

You can unsubscribe at any time, but I will be letting you know in future emails whenever a new freebie is added to the library.

And I juuuuust hit 1500 followers on TPT, so it’s pretty possible that another one will be along soon ;) 
I hope you love my library! I can’t wait to add more to it soon. And thank you so much for following along on my teaching/Teachers Pay Teachers journey! <3

Want in on the Free Resource Library? Let me know by entering your info in the box below and clicking the pink button. I’ll email you the password + access instructions right away!

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