Mes projets d’art préférés pour le printemps

Happy Spring – I think it’s really finally here!

I don’t know about you, but there is just something about spring that makes me love teaching art even more than usual (which is saying a lot!).

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and I have enough energy to get the paint out without hesitation ;)

If you feel the same way I do about spring, here are a few of my favourite projects for inspiration!


This is my number one favourite!!! That artist woman is BRILLIANT, and if you haven’t read her blog before, go do it right now!!

These trees always turn out beautifully, and are a huge hit with parents. And my students are always really proud of them, too!

Here’s a few from this year:


I posted about these a couple weeks ago, but I love them so much I thought they deserved another mention. Super low prep is always a good thing!


We always make a bouquet of these for Mother’s Day. They are super easy and so pretty!

Students decorate coffee filters with markers. Then, just spray them with water from a spray bottle (or you can have them “paint” water on them using a paint brush)

 Dry them with a blow dryer, attach them to pipe cleaners, and voilà!

(Fun fact – I used to make these in nursery school for our nursery school tea. Great projects live on ;) )

You can also do this, but pinch them down the middle with a pipe cleaner or clothespin to make butterflies!


These were super fun and simple! We drew a wavy line for the grass, and painted the grass with green and yellow paint and the sky with blue. Then, I gave everyone two butterflies to cut out and colour – both should be coloured the same.

Glue one butterfly down flat, and for the other one, just glue long the body (not on the wings). Glue it directly over the other butterfly, and fold the wings up.


My best friend teaches grade one down the hall from me, and she made these with her students this year.

I LOVE them!!

Here is the pin where the inspiration came from, but there aren’t any actual instructions :( But, it’s pretty easy to figure out!

If you make any of these projects (or any other great spring projects!) with your students this year, I would love to see them! Tag me in your spring art pictures on Instagram (@mme.andrea)!

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