Un jeu facile pour faire 10 (plus a FREEBIE!)

Knowing how to make 10 quickly and easily is a super valuable skill for our students’ future addition and subtraction success.

We all know that more practice = more progress, so we should be giving our students as many different chances to practice making 10 as possible.

10 frames are an awesome tool for teaching our students to make 10. Filling up 10 frames one manipulate at a time provides students with valuable counting practice, and helps them become more able to quickly identify how many objects are in a 10 frame without needing to count.

Filling 10 frames is also great for practicing 1:1 correspondence – students learn that only one thing can go in each box. It also teaches directionality and le retour à la ligne suivante – they must fill their frame from left to right, just like when you read!

The more practice our students can have with making 10 and using 10 frames, the better. I have a great game to share with you today that incorporates both of these things. It is also a partner game that encourages math talk. Partner games in math are amazing for helping solidify our students’ math vocabulary!



– 1-2 10 frames for each group of two students (one frame if you want to practice making 10, two frames if you want to practice making 20)

– 1 bag of manipulates per group (I love mini erasers, small sea shells, fancy rocks, counters, pennies, etc.)

– 1 die/pair with only the numbers 1-3. I cover up 4, 5, and 6 with a white dot label and write 1, 2, 3 over them. Each die then has two 1s, two 2s, and two 3s. You can also buy blank foam dice and write 1, 1, 2, 2, 3, 3 on them yourself.

– math talk cards (I have added a FREEBIE with these and 10 frames to the Free French Resource Library)

– 1 white board marker per group

How to play:

1. Everyone needs a partner. Get each group to play rock, paper, scissors – the winner gets to roll the die first

2. After they roll the die, partner A adds that many manipulates to the 10 frame (left to right)

3. Partner B then counts the manipulates and how many spaces are left. Using the math talk card, they say “J’en ai ____. J’ai besoin de ____ autres pour faire 10.” On day one, I just get them to practice saying how many they have and how many they need. The second time we play, I give them a white board marker and get them to practice saying it AND writing it.

4. Partners exchange rolls. Partner B rolls the die and adds that many more. Partner A counts all of the manipulates in the 10 frame and how many spaces are left. They use the math talk card to say how many they have and how many more they need.

5. Repeat until the grille is full – partners must roll the correct number to fill it (they can’t go over). You can play that the person who fills the 10 frame is the winner, but I usually just get both partners to yell “Nous avons rempli la grille!” and everyone is happy haha. Don’t forget to show them that if they have 10 already, they need 0 more!

If you play to 20, just make sure that your students count how many more they need to get to 20.

That’s it! You can find a freebie in the math section of my Free French Resource Library that contains 10 frames and math talk cards so that your students can play this game, too.

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