My Top 5 Blog Posts of 2018

2018 was a year for the books – and for the blog!

Despite going back to work with a five-month-old baby, said baby turning one in August, AND planning a wedding (jk… wedding planning is not my strength and I totally hired a wedding planner haha), I still managed to publish more blog posts than ever before in 2018.

In January 2018, my aim was to survive heading back to work, and I didn’t set any other goals for myself at the time.

But, I do love me some accomplishments, so once I got my feet back under myself, I did set a few.

Knowing full well I would likely fail (but not caring!), in spring 2018, I set an ambitious goal of blogging every week from April-December.

I am super proud to say I mostly stuck to that, only missing a week in July and a week in November – not too shabby!

In fact, this is my 43rd blog post this year, smashing my previous record of 25, and more than doubling how many I posted last year (I blame the newborn for that slow year hehe).

Side note: That’s the beauty of setting an “impossible” goal… even if you “fail”, as long as you show up as much and as often as you can, you are likely to end up MUCH more successful than if you had never set t in the first place ;)

Since I managed to post so often, I was curious to look back on my stats for the year and see which blog posts from 2018 were the most popular.

In case you missed some good reading, I figured I would share my top 5 here with you!

5. 10 ressources gratuites pour la rentrée

Pretty self-explanatory – this post contains links to ten terrific French freebies, perfect for back-to-school!

But, some of them are pretty useful year round, if you wanted to take a peek.

4. How to make a word wall that will ACTUALLY get used

I am excited this post has been so popular because I believe in huge, interactive word walls that students can USE to help them become successful and independent writers.

Go check out the post if you are curious about how my word wall looks!

3. 7 ressources GRATUITES pour l’automne

Another resource round-up style post, this one is all about useful French freebies for the fall.

You probably won’t get much use out of them now it’s winter, but don’t forget to pin the post so you can come back to it next year!

2. Le correspondance mot à mot et la fluidité

I wrote this post to explain the difference between 1:1 correspondence and fluency because I see a lot of resources out there using the two terms interchangeably.

1:1 correspondence and fluency are NOT the same things – but they both are extremely important and require explicit teaching and practice!

Go check out the post for all my best tips and resources. I am working on some more products to help with those as we speak! 🙂

And, my most popular post of 2018 was…

1. More of my favourite mainstream French music to play in the classroom 

This wasn’t a huge surprise to me, because my first post about mainstream music in the classroom was popular, as well.

This is definitely a helpful post for ANY grade level, from maternelle all the way up to grade 12!

If you are looking for some songs to play for your students (along with a bunch of reasons why it’s important to play them mainstream music), go check it out.

If you want to see the first 10 songs too, click here.

Thank you SO MUCH for sticking around and allowing me to share my teaching journey with you, whether you’ve stumbled across my blog today, have been a loyal reader since the start, or if you are someone in between.

It is such a privilege to share my classroom with you week after week, and I look forward to continuing to check in with you in 2019.

I have learned so much since my blogging journey began, and I am happy to keep sharing that knowledge!

For 2019, my goal is to blog once a week as well, but starting in January… so look for a new post from me every Sunday.

Fingers crossed this time next year, I will be compiling my top 5 posts from a list of 52 😉

PS – Are you a member of my FREE Resource Library for French primary teachers? If not, what are you waiting for?? Sign up below for access to every freebie I’ve ever made… and will ever make!

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