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This resource includes four simple, quick activities to do with your French primary students each day, to review the letters of the alphabet. The activities focus mainly on the sounds each letter makes.


Looking for a simple, done-for-you set of French alphabet activities and lesson plans to follow for teaching or reviewing the alphabet, en français? Are you hoping for a product that will be easy to use in school OR during distance teaching… or when switching between the two?

This FRENCH Enseigner l’alphabet en 35 jours is for you!

This resource includes four simple, quick activities to do with your French primary students each day to review the letters of the alphabet. These French alphabet activities focus mainly on the sounds each letter makes.

It takes 35 days to complete this program because I have planned for teaching four new letters per week, plus one review day. I have also allocated two days for each of Cc and Gg to teach their two sounds. You can, of course, adjust this however you like!


This resource includes:

  • 35 pages of exact lesson plans/scripts – one page for each day
  • 28 letter cards + 6 images that begin with the target letter (Note: the Ww page only has 3)
  • 4 simple activities per letter, to be completed by students and glued into a scribbler. The four activities are the same for each letter, to allow you to build a consistent routine
  • A review game that builds each week


What exactly is this resource?

This program is the exact script I will follow and the exact lessons I will do with my grade one students to review the letters they were previously exposed to in maternelle. You could also use this program to complement other activities you do with maternelle students.

The year that I created this program was also the year of COVID, so I am expecting my grade one students to have forgotten a lot of things we learned in maternelle. I am also looping my students, so I needed some fresh activities to do with them that are different from what we did together last year.


Can this resource be used for distance teaching?

I haven’t tested this yet as the school year hasn’t started, but my hope is YES!

If/when we switch back to distance teaching this year, I plan to send my students home with their alphabet books, glue/scissors, and all pages they will need to finish the program at home. I will continue my alphabet teaching via pre-recorded videos and/or Google Meets for each lesson, and students will be able to continue their notebooks at home.

Note: You CAN post student pages from this product on a PASSWORD-PROTECTED site like Google Classroom. You CANNOT post this on a public site that anyone can access. Thanks!!


What is with the weird letter order?

There’s a method to my madness, I promise!

I teach the alphabet a letter a day (you can read all about why in THIS BLOG POST). I recommend this 100000%! In this first round of alphabet review, which I do right at the beginning of the year, our big focus is the SOUND each letter makes. So, I always start with the letters that have the most obvious sounds and are easiest to hear!

Long consonants (s, m, v, etc.) are the easiest to hear, so I start with those. Then, I move into vowels, short consonants, and then the tricky ones like Hh, Xx, etc. Finally, I save Cc & Gg for the end so we can spend a whole week talking about how they each make two sounds.

(In our next alphabet round, we will focus on letter formation, and that time I do the letters in a different order that makes more sense for that.)


You can, OF COURSE, do any order you want! You just might have to switch up the order of the lessons and the revision days in your personal binder.

Also, please note: I am NOT an SLP! I have no idea what the correct symbols are to symbolize a letter sound. In this resource, I used /letter name/ to symbolize making that letter sound! :)


The four French alphabet activities for each letter are:

  • ● Trace the letter – students will practice correct letter formation while making the letter sound
  • ● Beginning sounds – students will glue 6 pictures (in back and white) into their notebook that begin with the target letter. They will also fill in the missing target letter in a sentence.
  • ● Find and colour – students will find and colour the target letter hidden among a variety of letters.
  • ● Find and colour version two – students will find and colour the objects that begin with the target letter


I recommend having your students glue their activities into a coil-bound scribbler. All activities require STRAIGHT CUTS ONLY!! Just print, copy, and cut them out with one slice using your school paper cutter!


What are other teachers saying about these French Alphabet Activities and Lesson Plans?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “This resource is a MUST HAVE! After teaching kindergarten for 7 years, I finally found something that WORKS. I can’t thank you enough for creating such an amazing resource!’ – Edventurous Little Apples

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “An amazing resource to help teach the letter sounds. My grade 1 FI students (first time in French) found the activities easy to use. The fact that it was the same activities for every letter made it easy for my students to complete. I also like how the pictures and words are often repeated in other products from Mme Andrea.” – Kyra C.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I really love this concept, and the simplicity of these activities. My students are engaged, and they are easy to incorporate into our routines.” – Mlle Wallace


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*This download entitles the purchaser to use it in ONE classroom only. Thank you so much for respecting my time and effort!*

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