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Today I am linking up with Kindergarten Dragons for Spotlight Saturday.

For Spotlight Saturday, teacher bloggers get to link up and share some of our favorite products, activities, resources, and ideas! 

This is my first Spotlight Saturday, but there was no question about who I would like to shine a spotlight on today – Claudia Loubier from Art with Claudia Loubier Creations. Claudia is someone who has made my Art classes 110% better than they were prior to this year! I think that art is really important, and I LOVE creating things. However, that doesn’t always mean that I know the best way to go about creating gorgeous art pieces with my students in a way that also teaches them important techniques.

Pinterest can be very helpful in this regard, but sometimes directions are incomplete or unclear. Any time I purchase an art lesson from Claudia, I am confident that I will be receiving a thorough, well-prepared lesson that’s designed specifically with my grade in mind. Her projects are so well outlined that I have even succeeded in completing some of her more difficult lessons that are meant for older students with my primaries… and let me tell you, were they ever proud!

Here is my favorite project that we completed this year:

It was wonderfully simple (it only uses 3 paint colours!), but it taught my students about mixing colours and painting circles and lines, and was a ton of fun for them. 100% of my students were successful in this project. Here are some examples of our work!

And, a close-up of my personal favorite!

Claudia offers her lessons in both English and French. To purchase them in French like I did, click either of the pictures above. To check it out in English, click HERE

Another of our favorite lessons (meant for grade 2+), is this one:

This project helped to teach my students (and me!) a really cool pastel technique. Here are some examples of what my kiddos accomplished:

To check out this lesson in French, click either of the pictures above. For those of you who teach in English, click here!

Claudia has projects for all ages, as well as posters that show different techniques, so you should definitely go check her out!

Thanks again to Kindergarten Dragons for hosting this link-up! Looking forward to checking out who else has been spotlighted this week :)

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  1. Erin Murphy

    You Spotlighted some amazing lesson plans and resources! I LOVE the examples of your student work, they did such an incredible job! I love how you have them using so many different colors and artistic mediums, and it's so awesome that you are exposing your students to so many different mediums and techniques! I love that you speak French, that is so awesome! Kudos to a wonderful blog, I love all the bright colors and that you use two languages! So neat!
    Thank you so very much for linking up with us! I had such a great time reading about your Spotlight, and I loved looking at your student work samples! I can't wait to continue learning about you through the link up!

    Warmest Wishes,
    Kindergarten Dragons

    1. Andrea

      Thank you, Erin!! I am so proud of my students – they are such little artists! :)

  2. Teaching Autism

    welcome to the spotlight saturday linkup – it's great fun and something to look forward to every week! loving your linkup this week!

    1. Andrea

      Thank you! I love the idea of sharing my favorite products and activities with others :)

  3. The Tahoe Teacher

    Aww, those turned out so cute!

    1. Andrea

      Thanks! :)

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