Un coquelicot pour se souvenir


Long time, no post! I have been in big-time new resource creating mode for the past month. My students this year are so different than last year when I had the combined class, that I have been finding that I have needed to create more for them than I anticipated!

I am also a different teacher than I was two years ago (the last time I had a straight K class), so I have been changing things up a lot. Things are going really well in my classroom though, and I wanted to pop in and share with you a quick post about what we made for our school-wide Remembrance Day ceremony tomorrow!

Looking for a simple, beautiful art activity to help your students celebrate Remembrance Day? Check out this poppy craft - all you need are coffee filters, red washable markers, and water!
These were super simple and quick to make, but are very pretty! We are singing the song Un beau coquelicot during the assembly tomorrow, so I wanted everyone to have a poppy for the song. I had made this type of flower with a whole bunch of colours with previous students for Mother’s Day the year before, so I knew I still had some coffee filters in my art cupboards (they come in a pack of 250 for super cheap!).

You can make these in just three steps!

1. Get your students to colour their coffee filter red with a (washable) marker. Sharpies don’t work for this! Mr. Sketch markers work extra well. Get them to fill in as much white space as they can, but it does not have to be perfect. The more space they colour, the richer the red will be. I had a few different shades of red markers on the table, and some students used more than one.

I had my students put their coffee filter over a piece of scrap paper to avoid red tables. Some of them also used a clip board if they had trouble holding their coffee filter still.

2. Get your students to “paint” their red coffee filter, using only water and a decent sized paint brush. I had also put their initials on their coffee filter with a Sharpie. The Sharpie marker won’t spread when it comes into contact with water.

They “painted” their filter when it was still on the scrap paper – again to save my tables! The filters don’t stick to the paper once they dry.

3. Use a pipe cleaner to assemble when dry! I dried ours with a hair dryer – super quick to do. Then I just pinched the (dry) coffee filter in the middle of the circle and held it in a flower-shape. I twisted a pipe cleaner around the bottom (where I was pinching it) to hold it and make a stem.

Easy peasy!

If you are still in need of a quick craft to do tomorrow, I hope this will help! These are also a great craft for Mother’s Day – I had each student decorate 3 filters with all different colours and patterns and we made little bouquets tied together with ribbon.

Let me know how this project worked for you, and enjoy the rest of your week!

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