La Saint Patrick en maternelle

Hey guys!

Somehow, it is already almost Saint Patrick’s Day!


Today, I will be taking a little break from talking about guided reading to share what we will be doing in my classroom this week to celebrate all things green and Irish!

This week is our last week before March Break, so we will be celebrating hard, as we don’t actually have school on Saint Patrick’s Day.

Read on for a plethora of fun, simple, exciting ideas – and even some free ones! ;)

Looking for some fun activities for Saint Patrick's Day for your French primary classroom? Look no further! This blog post is full of great ideas, including some free ones!


I will introduce Saint Patrick’s Day to my students using Lucy from For French Immersion‘s fantastic, FREE slide share presentation! Just click on the image below to find it for yourself.


Art is my favourite, so we actually already got started with some leprechaun art last week! Look how cute their directed drawings are!

The following pictures are from last year – this is an art project I am sure I will do over and over!

This directed drawing tutorial came from First and Kinder Blue Skies. You can download the directions for FREE on TPT! Just CLICK HERE or on any of the pictures above to grab it.

I also plan to do the following crafts this week, that I found on Pinterest. They don’t come with directions, but I am pretty sure they are easy to figure out!


I love using any holiday or season as an excuse to change up my centres! I will be adding the following into our rotations this week:

Écris la salle – La Saint Patrick

Fine motor pots of gold – students will roll a die and move that many pieces of gold into a pot using tweezers (I got my “gold” coins from Michael’s last year after Saint Patrick’s Day for super cheap!)

Phrases fantastiques – La Saint Patrick

C’est moi l’espion! La Saint Patrick – this activity is a HUGE favourite every year!

Students use magnifying glasses to find and write all of the words hidden in each picture. I have a set of 10 worksheets in my TPT store if you want to use them all week long, or you can sign up to access my FREE Resource Library, where you can find a sample set, by clicking HERE and entering your email!


We will be integrating Saint Patrick’s Day into our math lessons all week long! We are currently working on counting strategies, number-symbol relationships, and making 10, so we will be counting coins and using them in our 10 frames.

I also have a fun set of 20 Saint Patrick’s Day-themed math worksheets in my TPT store that we will use at the end of our hands-on lessons to consolidate what we practice.

We even talk about Saint Patrick’s Day in our math journals! If you own my March Math Journal Prompts set (kinder or grade one), you will find a bunch of themed prompts in there! Here is one that we did last year:
Another activity that we will be doing is making rainbow necklaces out of Fruit Loops. We will either be doing a rainbow pattern or groups of 10… I haven’t decided yet!

We are currently talking a lot about our five senses in science. That means it would be a perfect time to hunt for clover – especially the four-leaved variety! I am not sure if the weather will cooperate with us (we have very little snow right now, but it is -23 C today with windchill – BRR!), but I am hoping to take them on a clover hunt!
My class is also obsessed with catching leprechauns right now, so we will definitely be building and setting some leprechaun traps! I have never tried this before, but I have such a great group of kids and parents that I am sure it will be super fun! 
I plan to have them work in groups of two to build their traps, as long as I can scrounge up enough materials. I will be raiding my cereal box collection and asking parents for donations! Pinterest has TONS of inspiration, including this one by Crafts by Amanda (which is my favourite I have seen so far!):
I plan on “springing” the most creative and/or innovative trap while my students are at music on Thursday and leaving a pot of chocolate coins inside to share with the class! I am sure they will be disappointed to not actually see a leprechaun, but… I think the chocolate will help soothe them ;) 
Well, that about sums up how our week will look. It will be busy for sure, but lots of fun and excitement – and lots of learning! 
Do you have any other exciting activities planned for Saint Patrick’s Day? I would love to hear about them in the comments!

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