4 Ways to Display Classroom Posters

I know I’m not alone when I say that one challenge that I have every year as a teacher is how to display my posters.

Of course, we have four classroom walls and, theoretically, plenty of space…but that’s not always the case!

Many of us have administrations that require us to hang certain things on our walls and/or bulletin boards, which takes away space for things we want to display.

Also, if you’re like me, your fire marshall doesn’t let you hang up very much, either!

At my school, we are only allowed to hang things on 20% of the wall… which is basically just the bulletin board space.

And I only have one bulletin board!

I’ve come up with some ways of getting around this, though, so keep reading to learn my tips for ways to display classroom posters.

4 Ways to Display Classroom Posters

Any référentiels or anything that I make, I do with my students, and we post them as we go.

But, I do like to have my alphabet posters up all throughout the year, as most students start with at least some letter knowledge.

I also put up the visual schedule from day 1.

For my numbers posters, I start by displaying 1-5, and then I add the rest as we go.

I also put up my colour posters right away, because my students have a year of pré-maternelle and almost all of them start knowing their colours.

As I said before, we have a lot of fire marshall rules at our school, and I’m not technically allowed to post anything on the walls — only on the bulletin boards that already exist.

But, I only have ONE bulletin board! I use that one for brag tags. That leaves none for posters! So, what do I do?

I display my alphabet posters along the top of my bulletin board/whiteboard. So, I display letters A-F using thumbtacks, but G-Z are hung up with magnets. 
My colour posters are on the whiteboard, too, with magnets. I LOVE this because if a student needs help to write a letter or a colour, it’s so easy to take it down for them to use and pop it back up!


I stuck magnets along the back of my number posters, as well, and I display them along my metal window frame. 
My classroom, for whatever reason, has windows that look into the tech room next door…the worst!
I covered the windows with contact paper, and they are our math mur de mots, so the numbers going along the top is perfect. 
Again, I can take them down and put them back up super easily whenever a student needs them.
Visual Schedule 
I use Velcro for my visual schedule
In order to not get in trouble for sticking Velcro to the wall, I first took a strip of painter’s tape and stuck that to the wall, basically ceiling to floor. 
Then, I stuck the Velcro strip on top of that. 
Now it can come down easy peasy if I ever need it to! (I did the same thing for my chef du jour names, too). 
I have a square of Velcro on the back of each visual schedule piece, so they are easy to move around. 
My visual schedule cards are big — I use the original size — so I really need that whole space, floor to ceiling. 
They are really easy to move around, although our routine is pretty much the same every day!

Any other référentiels we make together, stamina tracking, etc., I mostly stick on the window. I use a horizontal calendar, so I stuck that to the window frame by the tapis. 
Basically, we can cover any surface that is already covered (windows, bulletin boards, etc.), so I try to take full advantage of that! 
And sometimes I stick things on the wall, too…like our birthday cupcakes. The worst that will happen is someone will come ask me to take them down. ;)

    I hope these tips help give you some ideas for where you can display posters in your classroom!

    What suggestions do you have for making space to display classroom posters? Share in the comments below this post!

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