Membership Terms and Conditions

The following are the Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when you subscribed to the Enseignons ensemble membership. They have been added here to the portal for you to easily access whenever you need to.

Subscription Is Recurring

1) You agree to pay the annual subscription fee or monthly subscription fee, plus GST, at its price point when you subscribed, and you understand that you will be rebilled the same amount annually or monthly, unless you decide to cancel your subscription. You understand that the membership is a subscription-based service, just like Netflix and Disney Plus, and it is not a lifetime access purchase. As the membership has grown and had more content added to it, the subscription fees have gradually increased, so the fees are different for members who joined at different times.

Membership Refund Policy

2) You understand that no refunds will be given due to the digital nature of the membership and the immediate access to the materials provided within it.

Pausing Subscriptions

3) If you need to temporarily pause your membership for any reason (for example, maternity leave) and you don’t want to lose your rate, you can do that in your account! This is one of the amazing features of this membership platform that we’re really excited to be able to offer members, since we couldn’t offer it on our previous platform. Head to “My Account” –> “Courses & Memberships” –> “Subscriptions” –> Click on the “Pause” option. If you need assistance, you can email us at

NOTE #1: When you pause, you will lose access to the portal at the end of the current billing cycle. Because you won’t be actively paying, access will be revoked until you resume your subscription payment. We cannot control this, as it is how the platform functions. If there are resources you might want to use while paused, then download and save them before the end of your billing cycle!

NOTE #2: Starting in February 2024, we will be monitoring paused membership subscriptions. When you have been paused for more than 18 months, we will cancel your subscription altogether. We recognize that Canadian maternity leave allows for 18 months away from teaching, which is why we’ll use that amount of time as the standard, but if you’ve had your subscription paused for longer than 18 months, then we will cancel your subscription. You may rejoin the membership in the future, at its current tier and price, if you wish to return.

Canceling Subscriptions

4) You can cancel your membership subscription at any time. Upon cancelling, the following things will happen: A) You will lose access to the membership portal and any TeachAlong™ portals associated with your membership subscription (such as your free first TeachAlong™) at the end of your billing cycle. B) Your monthly or annual membership credits (étoiles) allotments will stop. C) You will no longer be eligible to purchase TeachAlongs™ from the shop with your étoiles, as that option is exclusive to actively paying members due to the member-exclusive 20-30% discounts applied to those special TeachAlong™ product listings.

We strongly recommend that you download and save resources released in the monthly resource packs and any TeachAlongs associated with your membership subscription before the end of your billing cycle! Again, the membership is a subscription-based service, like Netflix and Disney Plus; it is NOT a lifetime access purchase.

If you need to rejoin the membership later, you will have to join at the current membership rate at that time. If you have any credits remaining in your account, those will NOT expire. You will still be able to access any resources/TeachAlongs™ you purchased via membership credits (étoiles) after you cancel. However, you will NOT have free access to any future updates of TeachAlongs™ you purchased after cancellation. To cancel your membership susbcription, head to “My Account” –> “Courses & Memberships” –> “Subscriptions” –> Click on the “Cancel” option. If you need assistance, you can email us at