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Enseignons les mathématiques ensemble is an affordable 11-week course, created for French primary teachers, focused on teaching numbers to 10, sorting, and shapes! If you teach math in French in the primary grades, then this course is for you!

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Enseignons les mathématiques ensemble is an affordable 11-week course, created for French primary teachers, focused on teaching numbers to 10, sorting, and shapes! If you teach math in French in the primary grades, then this course is for you!

This block structure will help your students master the outcomes for each of the four math units included!

I’ll provide the resources, the answers to your questions, video trainings, and checklists and challenge sheets to keep you on track and help you become the best teacher you can be without the overwhelm and burnout that normally goes along with it.

NOTE: You are purchasing this TeachAlong to go through self-paced, on your own. Buying the TeachAlong™ here will not guarantee that you’re purchasing the TeachAlong during a live run.

If you need resources, I’ve got ’em!

When you join Enseignons les mathématiques ensemble, you’ll receive all the resources listed below. You’ll get over 85$ worth of resources in this bundle and this is not a bundle you can get anywhere else!

How would it feel to have ALL the math resources you need ready and prepped for four whole math units?

  • November Math Journals – maternelle // 3$
  • November Math Journals – première année // 3$
  • Unit 1 – Trier et classifier // 10$
  • Unit 2 – Les formes en 2-D // 10$
  • Unit 3 – Les solides // 10$
  • Enseigner les maths en petit groupe // 15$
  • Tourne et trace – Math BINGO // 4$
  • Cartes de pâte à modeler – nombres 1 à 20 // 3$
  • Geoboard Cards – La ferme // 2.50$
  • December Math Journals – maternelle // 3$
  • December Math Journals – première année //3$
  • January Math Journals – maternelle // 3$
  • January Math Journals – première année // 3$
  • Unit 4 – Decomposing Numbers to 10 // 10$
  • EEK! Mathématiques – L’espace // 3$
  • 2-D Shapes Pattern Block Cards // 3.25$

Wondering what other content you’ll get inside this TeachAlong beyond the resources? Check it out!

  • 16 videos across one Video Vault, unit overview videos, and unit prep videos
  • 3 Resource Vaults
  • 1 course workbook

I’ve structured this TeachAlong™ in six blocks. Here’s the breakdown:


In Block 1, you’ll have access to all the videos in the Video Vault and the resources in the Resource Vault. You’ll have the whole week to dig in and prep your first two units.


In Block 2, you’ll take the first unit you’ve prepped and teach it! Unit 1 is 10 lessons long. I suggest the sorting unit, but you can switch it out for another if you like! This block is planned to cover two weeks.


During these two weeks, you’ll teach the second two-week unit you’ve prepped. I suggest the 2-D shapes unit.


This TeachAlong has only been run live one time, and this block covered winter break during that live run. There is a Resource Vault in this block, though, with more resources that can be used for math centres.


In Block 5, you’ll jump back into teaching this time, your third unit. I suggest the 3-D shapes unit next.


In this final block, we will teach our final unit! I suggest decomposing numbers to 10 to finish off.

Q: What does it mean that the TeachAlong™ is “self-paced”?

A: When I say “self-paced,” I mean that you will go through this course independently. I have only run this course live once in the past, but with all courses now, in order to access the live run, you need to be a member of my Enseignons ensemble membership at that time. If you’re purchasing the course here, then you can work through the videos, workbooks, and unit overviews at your own pace!

Q: What if I already own a lot of your resources? Will it still be worth it?

A: In a word, YES! My goal is to make sure that it will be worth it for anyone who wants to join. I aim to price my TeachAlongs™ so that they’re less than the value of the included resources, in case teachers already own some of the resources! The TeachAlong™ also contains TONS of videos that explain exactly how I use the resources and exactly how I would teach in my own classroom, and they are full of tips for your classroom and students.

Q: What about reading/writing/other subjects?

A: This TeachAlong™ is very focused on math! While you can certainly take the basic framework of Math Workshop and apply it to reading or writing instead, I chose to focus this TeachAlong™ very specifically on implementing Math Workshop. (Learn more about my Writer’s Workshop TeachAlong™ HERE.) I know many teachers teach their math classes in English, but this course is designed for teachers who teach math in French. Throughout this TeachAlong™, we will not be discussing any other subjects.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Due to the digital nature of the course and the materials inside it, I do not grant refunds.

“I was pleased to have participated in the Enseignons les mathématiques ensemble, as it helped me to get organized and stay focused on the end goal! I found the length of the course just right. Now, I have the materials ready for next year! I loved being able to go back to the videos, as often as I needed. My students loved their math kits, and I found it easy to observe/evaluate as they practiced the skills taught! Merci pour les préparations, Andréa! Muriel N.

Les cours de Mme Andrea sont formidables! Tout est super bien organisé. Durant les cours de Mme Andrea, nous recevons tout le matériel nécessaire et même des petits extras! Mme Andrea ainsi que les membres de son équipe et-ou les participant(e)s au cours peuvent facilement partager (questions et commentaires) via un groupe facebook. J’adore les cours de Mme Andrea. Mes élèves aiment beaucoup les activités proposés par Mme Andrea. Caro B.

J’ai adoré travailler avec les documents en salle de classe. La facilité de transférer les documents et de les utiliser, sont fantastiques. J’ai regardé les vidéo et tutoriels pour bien partir l’enseignement. Sabrina B.

J’adore les ‘TeachAlong‘ avec Mme Andrea. J’apprends tellement dans ses vidéos. Ses ressources sont superbes. ll n’y a pas beaucoup de planifications à faire. Le tout est prêt et très engageant pour les élèves. Mes élèves adorent les diverses activités qu’elle prépare. Elle est toujours disponible à répondre à nos questions rapidement. Je viens de terminer mon 5e ‘TeachAlong‘ avec elle et je suis convaincue que ce ne sera pas le dernier. Kim S.


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