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The Repeated Read Alouds TeachAlong is an affordable 6-week course, created for French primary teachers, focused on helping teachers find read-aloud books in French so that they can guide students to comprehension in their second language.

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The Repeated Read Alouds TeachAlong is an affordable 6-week course, created for French primary teachers, focused on helping teachers find read-aloud books in French so that they can guide students to comprehension in their second language.

Many teachers have told me that they struggle with finding quality read-alouds that their students understand and enjoy in their second language…but that also aren’t too simple (and boring!).

This used to be a big problem for me, too. All my favourite read-alouds in English went WAY over my students’ heads in French. We would spend so much time just figuring out the surface-level stuff that I struggled to guide them to also understanding the deeper subtleties and complexities within the text.

But, I found a solution to that problem one that allows me to choose almost any read-aloud book  Repeated Read Alouds! And for the first time, I’m sharing exactly how I use this concept to take my students from confused to comprehending.

I’ll provide the resources, the answers to your questions, video trainings, and checklists and challenge sheets to keep you on track and help you become the best teacher you can be without the overwhelm and burnout that normally goes along with it.

NOTE: You are purchasing this TeachAlong to go through self-paced, on your own. Buying the TeachAlong™ here will not guarantee that you’re purchasing the TeachAlong during a live run.

If you need resources, I’ve got ’em!

When you join the Repeated Read Alouds TeachAlong, you’ll receive all the resources listed below. You’ll get 52$ worth of resources in this bundle and this is not a bundle you can get anywhere else!

Each Repeated Read Aloud pack contains FIVE complete lessons for you to complete with your students (approx. 30-45 mins). Most packs also include a bonus, optional activity you can use to close out the week. You’ll choose one of the two options released each week to teach the following week.

How would it feel to have your read-aloud block COMPLETELY planned and prepped for the next 6+ weeks?

  • Simon fête le printemps // 4$
  • Léon le caméléon! // 4$
  • Comme toi // 4$
  • Trop de lapins! // 4$
  • Gros Poulet! // 4$
  • Gros grognon! // 4$
  • Rosetta Banana n’est pas cracra! // 4$
  • Gros bobo! // 4$
  • Le petit lapin magique // 4$
  • J’ai besoin d’un câlin // 4$
  • Le caillou de Trudy // 4$
  • Même les monstres se brossent les dents // 4$
  • Gédéon va à l’école // 4$

Wondering what other content you’ll get inside this TeachAlong beyond the resources? Check it out!

  • 13 videos going over the read-aloud lessons and how you might teach them in your classroom
  • Text summaries for the videos
  • A guide to repeated read-alouds
  • A book list with the titles and authors for all books and recommendations on where to purchase them
  • Guidance on teaching vocabulary with repeated read alouds

I’ve structured this TeachAlong™ in six weekly blocks. Here’s the breakdown:

Each weekly block has two read-aloud lessons with their accompanying overview videos. It was set up as a “choose your own adventure” style in our first live run, in which participating teachers would pick which of the two read-alouds to teach each week. But with 13 read-aloud lessons included, you have the option of doing one per week over 13 weeks instead!

Q: What does it mean that the TeachAlong™ is “self-paced”?

A: When I say “self-paced,” I mean that you will go through this course independently. I have only run this course live once in the past, but with all courses now, in order to access the live run, you need to be a member of my Enseignons ensemble membership at that time. If you’re purchasing the course here, then you can work through the videos, workbooks, and weekly overviews at your own pace!

Q: Will physical copies of the books be provided with my purchase?

No! While the TeachAlong™ provides all of the lesson materials you’ll need for teaching the Repeated Read Alouds in your classroom, we are not providing the physical copies of the books. You will need to borrow them from the library or purchase them in-store or online.

Q: What if I already own a lot of your resources? Will it still be worth it?

A: In a word, YES! My goal is to make sure that it will be worth it for anyone who wants to join. That’s why there are engaging, rigorous reading resources included with the TeachAlong™. The TeachAlong™ also contains TONS of videos that explain exactly how I use the resources and exactly how I would teach in my own classroom, and they are full of tips for your classroom and students.

Q: What about math/writing/other subjects?

A: This TeachAlong™ is very focused on repeated read alouds! I chose to focus this course very specifically on using read alouds to enhance reading comprehension in French. Throughout this TeachAlong™, we will not be discussing any other subjects.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: Due to the digital nature of the course and the materials inside it, I do not grant refunds.

“I just completed the Repeated Read Alouds TeachAlong™ with Mme Andrea, and it was exactly what I needed! It can be so overwhelming to implement new ideas and programs when you don’t know where to start and what to do when. The TeachAlong™ style made implementing repeated read alouds a BREEZE! The videos, text summaries, and resources were so well put together and clear, making it easy for me to “teach along”! I was able to fit this new program easily into my daily routine and had access to an amazing group to ask any questions I may have had along the way. With the TeachAlong™, I was able to follow along with a group of like-minded teachers and knew exactly what to prep and what to teach when. The videos were short and concise, and the resources were easy to follow and use. I love the TeachAlong™ style over a regular course, as it makes me feel accountable and connected with the other teachers and with Mme Andrea! The part I loved the most was that you were always prepping one week in advance and then teaching the material the following week. This made it so much more manageable with everything else going on during the school year. I highly recommend doing a TeachAlong™ with Mme Andrea to any and ALL French primary teachers! You are going to LOVE this so much!” Chelsea B.

“I love the TeachAlong™ format! Only having one week at a time meant I didn’t get overwhelmed or feel like I was behind. The length of the videos were perfect. They gave enough information but were short enough that I could watch them both while having my morning tea. Having the text summaries really helped me organize my teaching plans and allowed me to look back at anytime and from anywhere. This program has completely changed my read aloud block, and my students are loving it!” Julie M.

“I cannot say enough about the resources that I have purchased from Mme Andrea. I did my first TeachAlong™ last spring with the [Repeated Read Alouds] TeachAlong™. We loved Trop de lapins!, Léon le Caméléon, and Comme toi. The resources were super easy to find, prepare, and use. Most importantly, my students were engaged! Since [then], I have purchased the winter read-alouds, and I plan to make these a regular part of my Core FSL program for my students in grade 1 and grade 2. We are looking forward to reading more of the stories, as I did not get through all of them last year.” Chanel B.

“I really enjoyed the format of the TeachAlong™. Having the information ‘dropped’ to us in little chunks week by week made it much less overwhelming. I didn’t feel like I had to print and prep a ton of materials all at once. Rather, I always felt very accomplished and ready for the week, because I was able to digest the information, lessons, materials, and videos in smaller parts and then get ‘that’ part ready, not having to worry about ‘all the rest.’ Merci for a great course!” Joanna A.


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